The GBCA now includes all residents west of Fisher Avenue, North of Colonnade Road, East of Grant Carmen Drive, and South of Meadowlands Drive.

Volunteers are always welcome.  To become a volunteer for the GBCA you can contact us by filling out the feedback section under Contacts and under ‘Category’ choose volunteer.

Executive Members (2023 – 2024)

President:  Jeff Seaman
Vice President   Karl Marszowski
Secretary:  VACANT
Treasurer:  Jason Stanley
Tennis  Peter Melvin
Director-at-large   Alex McAuley
Bookings  Alexandra Kealey-Morin
Events   Kristina Proulx
Graffiti  VACANT
Rink  Karl Marszowski
Website  Samy Kourdes
Strategic Planning  VACANT
Programs   Suyin Lee
Environmental Projects  Margaret Sambol
Communications   Kathryn Shaver